Leapfrog eHealth

Making IT easier for you, to improve your outcomes.

We provide IT solutions, services and support that make IT easier for you to focus on your core business.

Hardware Sales & Support

We provide you with the latest technology solutions, including servers, workstations, laptops, and tablets. We offer expert guidance, installation, maintenance, and training services to ensure optimal performance.

Software Sales & Support

We provide services to help you start up and set up your business by getting IT right from the get go. We support you and your team from the formative stages of your new business.

IT Management & Support

We take care of your organisation’s IT services so that you can focus on the smooth operation of your business.We provide a stable, secure platform that integrates your IT in a single high performance IT environment.



Website design & Hosting

We provide services to help you start up and set up your business. We provide reliable, secure, remotely hosted, managed IT environments to eliminate the need and headaches of running your own on-premise IT system.

Technical Support & Services For All Your IT Needs

We are dedicated IT and healthcare professionals aiming to deliver IT services and support that makes it easier for organisations to focus on their business delivery.

What Makes Us Different


Extensive knowledge of IT and business with a focus on professionalism.


Decades of experience delivering IT services and providing business services.


We are innovative in the application of information technology in organisations.


Our services are high quality, reliable and secure.


We utilise world class cyber security measures, to protect your critical systems and sensitive data.


We understand every business or practice is different, so we give you the ability to choose your level of support.

Having IT issues?

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