Comprehensive Services for Practices and Small Business

We provide IT solutions and services that make IT easier for you to focus on your core business.

Our Services

IT Consulting & Training

We take care of your organisation’s IT services so that you can focus on the smooth operation of your business. We provide a stable, secure platform that integrates your IT in a single high performance IT environment.

Start up Hosting

We provide services to help you start up and set up your business by getting IT right from the get go. We support you and your team from the formative stages of your new business.

Cloud Hosting and Migration Services

We provide reliable, secure, remotely hosted, managed IT environments to eliminate the need and headaches of running your own on-premise IT system. Using our cloud hosting services frees your healthcare practice to focus on the business of delivering healthcare services. Change does not have to be hard! We help established and new businesses to transition their IT into a reliable and secure cloud environment.

Cyber Security and Cyber Health Checks

We help you secure your IT infrastructure and data assets. We provide Cyber Security Checks and referral for Cyber Insurance.

Emergency Support & Recovery

In the event of data loss or emergency support, we are here to provide guidance to navigate these events.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

We help you stay on top of new hardware and software specific to your needs as technology is constantly evolving.

Responsive Remote Support

Allows us to provide support to clients anywhere for quick and reliable solutions to their IT issues.